Casa Ruiz was built in 1709

The same family lived in the house for almost 300 years. Sara Ruiz was the mother of Juliana (the last resident of the house). It is said Sara Ruiz is the resident ghost. She is known to throw silverware, slam doors and hide keys. Sara is also known to follow you home if you do not tell her goodnight.

Church Street Cafe carving of a man
Church Street Cafe front entrance
Church Street Cafe patio

Sara’s mother


Goodnight Sara

One night my brother Jim was locking the restaurant after a long day. He checked the doors and kitchen , turned off the lights and reached for the keys to lock the door. They were gone. He spent several minutes looking for the keys. Then out of frustration he said “Sara please I am sorry I did not believe in you and did not say goodnight but I really need to go home. Please I need the keys to lock up. Jim reached in his pocket and the keys magically appeared. He locked the doors and ran to his truck. As he was driving out the lights turned on in the front room. Jim shook his head and said ” Goodnight Sara I am not going back inside”.

Before you leave you need to tell Sara Goodnight or she might follow you home.

Goodnight Sara